Online vs Real casinos

Online Casinos Gambling Taking Over Land Based Casinos?

The huge increase in popularity of the various forms of online casino gambling entertainment has given to rise to the question of whether online casinos are going to replace land-based casinos. Some industry revenue figures seem to support this conclusion. In 2000, online casino gambling turnover was measured at $11.5 billion and that amount almost doubled to around $21.5 billion a scant two years later! That figure represents a total revenue of approximately $1.3 billion, which in 2005 reached more than $10 billion!

Those are some impressive figures no doubt, but when you consider that land based casino revenues still typically averages 600 billion dollars a year, it puts the state of land based casino industry into clearer perspective.

Figures are one thing, and while they do provide some insight into the state of the casino industry as a whole, they are only part of the equation. As it is, various studies show that many players still prefer to play in a “real” casino than an online one. There are still people who prefer the real world interaction provided by real casinos, so it appears that the casino as we know it will be around for a while.

It seems that online casino gambling establishments are a dime a dozen nowadays. If you don’t believe us type in the words “online casino gambling” on the search box of your favorite Internet search engine and be prepared for the deluge of web sites that show up!

Naturally this widespread popularity has brought up the question of how fair these online gambling establishments really are. Well, the good news is that they are a lot fairer than you would think. Virtually all of these establishments are quite happy to earn their money from normal gambling activities by placing free bets. They really do not have to–or even want to–risk the possibility of fraud, which can put an end to what is an otherwise profitable business.

In addition, these companies use software that must be approved by the local government to make sure that they are absolutely fair for the player. If that were not enough to put your mind at ease, these companies also have to pass the standards set by one of the major international accounting firms around the world.

In fact, online gambling establishments are by and large even fairer than land-based online casinos. With the far lower overhead costs involved they can well afford to be!