Online vs Real casinos

Self Control When Playing Online Casino

One good thing about online casinos is that there is no need to tip your dealer and there is no confusion as to when tipping is necessary. But land based game play is different. After all, you are sitting in front of a live dealer – face to face. It is customary to tip the dealer after or even during game play when you are doing well – and even when you are done and have perhaps lost some.

Tipping your dealer is a way of life. It has been going one for years and still goes on today. Yes, you still should tip your dealer. The dealers really had it easy until the IRS decided that their tips were taxable income and not tax free gifts as the dealers had maintained fro many years. Even so, tips are still the great attraction of a land based facility dealer’s job. If you knew how low their paychecks were, you would understand why tipping is vital to their income. Most dealers try hard to work in places that are well known because the tips are higher in places on eth Strip or major places in betting towns such as Atlantic Cit and such. No matter where you are in the world, tipping is customary when betting on games.

When tipping, you can either hand the tip right to the dealer when finished or after a big win during game play or you can make a bet for the dealer in some cases. It is most common these days to give the tip directly to the dealer.

Also worth mentioning – all those free drinks you get are worth tipping as well. That person who has been rushing to serve you your drinks has to make money too. Just because the dealer and the server are providing you a free service (the deal is not what costs it’s your bet), does not mean you are not expected to tip. Tips are also known as tokes. Again, online gambling does not require this as you can obviously understand the software is not a live person. Even the sites with live dealers are not expected to be tipped as they are still automated.

After sound technical knowledge of playing at online casinos, self discipline is essential for any player. This is the most important requirement for any successful gamer – not the bank roll as you may think. Many gamers will start by playing intelligently. Then as the game play goes on, they start to lose their self control. As they start to lose perhaps they get a bit on edge and play erratically to recover there bets. This is not the way to go for sure. Playing with your emotions good or bad is never the best way to game. There are many subtle pressures in any gaming situation that can drive a player into an emotional playing pattern. Some of these pressures are manufactured by the betting site or facility itself in order to make you become emotional. Some are inherent in the gaming experience, and some are unwittingly imposed by players upon them selves. Think of, the site or land based facility itself has been carefully designed to make you perhaps abandon your original wit when playing. Free money, loud carpets, sign on bonuses, flashing lights – these are all things that are to be considered when you are gaming with your hard earned cash. SO, never game when you are tired or drinking. Even when online gambling, stay away fro drinking as it will impair your judgment. Remain in control of your game play by remembering what this tip says. After all, so much out there will really test your self control when gaming.